Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Mid-Week Meal?

At 6:00pm on the third Wednesday of the month, all are invited to come to church to eat supper in the Fellowship Hall.  Each month, a group is designated to prepare, serve and clean up after the meal.  Donations are welcome to cover the cost of the meal.  Following the meal, the Church Board gathers in the meeting room for its monthly meeting.

What is the Giving Box?

The Giving Box is an opportunity for the congregation to give above-budget funds to a local, national or international organization or project.  The Mission and Service Commission identifies a specific organization or project for each month.  This long-standing tradition began with an actual wooden box on the wall by the stairs leading to the sanctuary, which remains there today.  Now however, funds for these projects are collected in the offering during worship each Sunday.

How do I join the choir?

The choir gathers to practice at 8:30am on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month.  Everyone who is interested is welcome to join the choir at any rehearsal.  The choir sings during worship on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of every month.

Are LGBT people welcome?

In a 2009 discernment process at Eighth Street, 80% of regular members and regular attenders found themselves to be welcoming and/or blessing of LGBT people in the congregation.   This discernment process named that there is space for a variety of responses to be held in this community of faith.  The pastoral team created a public statement, saying that both pastors bless the full participation of LGBT people in the church.  Read  it  here.

How do I get a ride on the church bus?

The Eighth Street bus, equipped with a wheelchair lift, will pick you up at your door to bring you to worship.  Call the church office (533-6720) by Friday, if you would like a ride for the coming Sunday.  (If you are a regular rider … you only need to call if you will not be riding that Sunday.) 

Is the church accessible to those with physical disabilities ?

There are designated parking spaces (both along Purl St and in the back parking lot).  The entrance off of 8th Street provides ground level access to the building. There is an elevator which provides access to every level of the church building.  Bathrooms are accessible and space is available in the sanctuary for those in wheelchairs.

Is childcare provided during Worship and Second Hour?

There are two rooms staffed with 4 adult volunteers each Sunday.  The nursery (infants through age 2) and pre-school (ages 2-4) are both available during worship.  The nursery continues to be staffed throughout Second Hour. 

What is “Muffins on the 8th”?

On the 8th day of every month, the pastors take muffins to share with seniors in the congregation.  If the 8th falls on a Saturday or Sunday … the gatherings will take place the following Monday.  There are three meeting places and times:

Juniper Place (Greencroft) – 10:00am

Evergreen Place (Greencroft)  – 1:00pm

Waterford Crossing – 2:30pm

Do I need to wear a headcovering at your church?

No … unless of course, you would like to!