Eighth Street Preschool: We have hosted a preschool here at the church since 1973 for children ages three until kindergarten. The goal is to offer a quality, developmentally appropriate preschool in a Christian environment. There are currently about 70 children enrolled, 20% of which receive scholarships to enable them to attend.

GIHN  (Goshen Interfaith Hospitality Network):  Eighth Street joins with other churches in Goshen to provide housing for families who are temporarily without housing. For a week at a time (3-4 times a year) families eat supper and sleep in the church building. Volunteers provide the evening meal and spend the evening and overnight as hosts to the families.

Service in Mississippi: In January each year, a group of 15-20 people travel down to Meridian, Mississippi to do service with Jubilee Mennonite, a sister church.  The group does projects at the church, at Pine Lake Fellowship Camp and at various other social service agencies in the area.