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Marking the Eighth Street Centennial: Did You Know That …?

Above: Marjorie Lehman, as a nine year old, was the first person to arrive on the first Sunday that Fifth Street Mennonite Church met for worship in 1913.

During the 1980s, in anticipation of the church’s 75th anniversary, Rachel Kreider researched the congregation’s history and wrote The History of the Eighth Street Mennonite Church, covering the years 1913-1978. This 480-page volume is a treasury of information and has been an indispensable source for the Centennial Committee. Rachel also gathered and organized early church records, which are now housed in the Mennonite Archives at Bluffton University.

Rachel Weaver Kreider (b.1909) joined Eighth Street Mennonite Church in 1922. Earlier her family had attended Forks [Amish] Mennonite Church in LaGrange County and College Mennonite Church in Goshen. Rachel attended Eighth Street for about a decade after 1922. Following marriage to Leonard Kreider (1910-2001), she lived in Ohio, New York, Kansas, and again in Ohio. In 1982 she and Leonard moved back to Goshen. (See Dorothy Yoder Nyce’s article, “Connected Centenarian: A Profile of Rachel Weaver Kreider,” in the May 2013 issue of The Mennonite.)

Here are several “Did you know?” items about people from Eighth Street Mennonite Church, drawn from a column Rachel submitted to the February 1988 issue of The Messenger. Did you know that …