In-person Worship on Sundays at 9:30 am


In 1913, a group of twenty persons, mostly members of the Silver Street Church, which was located in the country east of Goshen, organized a new “city” church. A house on Fifth Street was purchased and became the worship space. In 1919, land was purchased at the corner of Eighth and Purl and construction on a new building began.

In the 1920’s, membership grew rapidly, reaching 251 in 1928. Much of this increase was the result of turmoil at College Mennonite Church. The new members provided much in leadership and resources for the Eighth Street congregation. The next years saw steady increases both in membership and in program. In the 1950’s the sanctuary was remodeled and a fellowship hall and education wing were added. Again, in 2000 there was extensive remodeling of the sanctuary.

Eighth Street was a member of the General Conference Mennonite Church until its merger with the Mennonite Church in 1995 forming Mennonite Church USA. The congregation continues to actively support both our denomination and our local conference, the Central District Conference, through our prayers, financial support, serving on boards, in leadership positions and attending annual conferences.

In 2013, Eighth Street Mennonite Church marked its centennial.